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Active humidification system for providing noninvasive supplemental oxygen to patients. And providing the temperature and humidity levels needed to preserve the natural defense mechanism of the body through the gas provided to the patient and prevent subsequent clinical problems.


Article Description

Humidification System servo "Dual CT Humidem"




H6DD05021 Dual Temperature Sensor, Reusable.


H6DD00501. Heater Wire Tube adapter for simple circuits



H6DD00502 Heater Wire Tube Adapter for Dual Circuits.

H7II00201    Operation Manual in Spanish



T5GG00781 Base rodable for humidifier.

Humidification chamber  

Humidification Chamber allows that the incoming gas increase the humidity and heat, is designed for use in humidifiers with heating round plate.
It is suitable for use during mechanical ventilation, oxygen therapy or humidification.



 Breathing Circuits for invasive mechanical ventilation and noninvasive to deliver heat and humidity necessary for the patient and reduce condensation.

  Accesorios opcionales
Oxy Hood

P5OZ00011  Neonatal Oxy Hood 15cm

P5OZ00021  Infant Oxy Hood 20cm

P5OZ00031 School Oxy Hood 25cm

P5OZ00041 Adult Oxy Hood 30cm



Standard Configuration of Oxygen Circuit SHOT



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