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The HUMIDEM CT DUAL Humidifier is medical equipment designed to humidify and warm the therapeutic gases supplied to Neonatal, Pediatric or Adult patient.


Part No. Name
 H5WW00031 Humidifier
H6DD05021 Dual Temperature Sensor
H6DD00502 Simple Adapter Tube Heater
H6DD00501 Dual Adapter Tube Heater
  Operation Manual (Spanish)


¿How Does CT DUAL HUMIDEM works?




The system carries the gas mixture by shifting the temperature and humidity of the water contained in the humidifier chamber to the patient trough the breathing circuit. Using a heater wire in the inhalation and exhalation limbs of the respiratory circuit controls the generation of condensation inside, provided the gas mixture a higher percentage of relative humidity level of the patient and eliminating the need to drain the breathing circuit in its two limbs.


Gas mix from the mechanical ventilator or air and oxygen source enters into the humidification chamber attached to the Dual CT Humidem which heats the inside of this in a controlled manner through the heating stage and then leads this gas through to the patient breathing circuit containing the temperature and humidity required by monitoring the temperature of distal and proximal to patient safety.


Using heated wire in inspiratory and expiratory limbs can control the moisture provided to the patient, thus avoiding the need to drain excess accumulated condensate in the systems with water traps.






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